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How do you get people to give their name and e-mail so you can stay in front of them and educate them? We call these items lead magnets – basically there’re things you can give away to ethically bribe someone to give their information to you in exchange for something valuable for them. If you’re a B2C business this could be very easy– You can give someone a really good discount or exclusive package. I’m not talking about spamming someone, I’m talking about educating them and incentivizing them. If you’re a B2B company this is a little more difficult– but answer this question. What do your prospects want to know about? What do they need to know before they make a decision? What questions can you answer? You can turn that into a report, white paper, a book or a video series with all the education they’re seeking.

This especially applies if your product is expensive, complicated, or innovative. Let’s go over two examples one a B2C and the other a B2B.. If I had a retail location I’d offer a discount at the register to sign up right there. With text to opt-in functions you can make it easy to get the discount. They can text their name and email to a special phone number and be on your list immediately. For a B2B example, let’s say you make an expensive product. what information would engineers and product buyers be looking for before they get a quote from you? What criteria should they be looking for before they select an option.

Take that criteria and turn it into a white paper. You could call it “10 things you need to know before buying X. “ Get it on your website and make it prominent so when people are investigating you they will find it. Thanks for watching and connect or follow me for more tips on attracting your ideal target audience..

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